With the Greatest of Ease

I live in a four-season climate. Right now it is winter and therefore cold, icy, and snowy. Yesterday, as I was driving down a busy street lined with such gems as McDonald’s, Popeye’s, and Scrub-a-Dub, I spied a man on a bike. That in itself was fairly unusual for a day like yesterday since it had been raining, sleeting, and finally snowing much of the day. I then noticed that the man on the bike wasn’t alone. He rode with a child on his shoulders down a scary, icy sidewalk on one of the busiest parts of the street. I was afraid for them both and alternated between wanting to drive on and forget about it or pull over and hope to score a good picture. I kept glancing in my mirrors to see if they were up and moving and saw nothing. Maybe they turned off into a parking lot and did not wipe out. My hope is that this man is in the circus and has performed this act successfully many times – perhaps even across a tight rope over a lake of fire. Sidewalk, shmidewalk.


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