Let them eat grapes! In liquid form. Wine. Let them drink wine!

It is cold.  So cold that if your skin is exposed to the air for more than a minute or two you may develop frostbite.  I have two little girls and stay home taking care of them and am the kind of person who needs to be out of the house more than she is in it.  This below zero weather is making it harder for me to motivate myself to leave.  So, I end up drinking wine.  Red wine, after the girlies are in bed and while I’m watching poorly made movies on Netflix. 

I’m not a picky wine person.  Let’s catagerize people who drink wine into three groups:

1.  People who regularly drink boxed wine and other wines that come in large quantities.

2.  People who find good deals on decent wine and can’t really cellar it because they drink most of what they buy.

3.  People who buy wine as a hobby and drink and cellar their wines.

I fall into the middle category of wine drinkers.  I go to free wine tastings and I know what I like and what I don’t like and usually as long as the wine is dry and has a nice full body I am a happy girl.  Last week I went to a wine boutique that I love.  A very uptight lady was working – the kind of person who most definitely is judging me when I walk in disheveled, wearing a jacket that is missing most of its buttons.  And I’m sure many of her thoughts about me are correct – yes, I am looking for wines that are typically less than $15.  I won’t be buying any cases of wine or spending more than $50 overall.  But I don’t drink white zin and I hate oaked chardonnay.  But back to the story at hand.  I came to pick up bottles of a wine that they were selling for $6.99 but also wanted to try the other wines they were sampling and score some other good deals.  I found a bottle of $28 wine that was on sale for $9.99 and asked about it.  My friend the stuck up wine lady told me that she didn’t like it, but later during the tasting, when I decided I really liked something else she said, “if you like that, you will also enjoy the other wine we were talking about.”  So I bought it.  Two nights later, I opened it up and poured a glass.  It tasted like vinegar.  The finish was not unlike kalamata olives.  I thought something had gone wrong with the bottle, but when I emailed the owner about it, he assured me that it is supposed to taste like that.  Ack.  Because he is awesome and not mean and judgy like a high school girl, he told me I could bring in the bottle for store credit.  I did.  And I got more of the $6.99 wine, which is fabulous and am saving my $3 for a future purchase.  Like I said, it’s cold.  We need to drink wine!


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