It turns out that although we are not currently living in a marvelous, super walkable neighborhood, we are living in a nice delivery zone.  We used to be in the ghetto and one night we decided we wanted Pizza Hut.  We looked online for the closest Hut and gave them a call, all ready to order.  “Ummm, yeah, we don’t deliver there.  Try the one at so and so address.”  We called another Pizza Hut.  “Nope.  Can’t do it.  I don’t think anyone delivers to that address.”  What?!  We were outraged.  How dare they limit their delivery area to semi-safe homes!  We got over it eventually and realized that we would have to make all of our own food, stock up on easy stuff for when we were feeling lazy, and get carry out from some of our favorite places.  Then we moved.  We don’t live in a nice neighborhood.  It is dull, ugly, and loud.  BUT, we can get food delivered here.  We’ve already had someone deliver a calzone and a meatball sub and tonight we are getting Jamaican food.  That’s right – Jamaican.  How awesome is that?  I’m incredibly pumped and I’m not even really caring if the food is delicious – I’m just so grateful that someone is going to drop it off at my front door. 


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