No Baby, No Cry

My 17 month old daughter is crying in her room right now. She has been very fussy the past week, cutting molars, sleeping poorly, and being more clingy than usual. Due to this whole dealio, I have decided to let her cry a bit upon waking up from her nap. I know, “good” moms don’t do this, or maybe they do, however, I am working with the hope that she may end up falling asleep. Maybe. Again. Most days she doesn’t go back to sleep, but sometimes it happens and then it is magical. I just can’t help it. I feel like she needs to sleep more than she sleeps and it is just so disappointing when we end up with just one 45 minute nap instead of a good, healthy 1 1/2 – 2 hour – I may just be one of those parents destined to raise bad sleepers. Ugh.



Today we used our zoo pass for the first time. It was spectacular. My 1.5 year old stood right up next to the glass at pretty much every exhibit and squealed and stomped her feet as different large cats strolled by. My 3 year old sat in the double stroller eating honey roasted peanuts and glancing up every once in a while, a bit more subdued about the entire experience, but still happy about it. I enjoyed the people watching nearly as much as checking out the animals. It was a special day at our zoo where different restaurants come and set up booths so everyone can enjoy a nosh while strolling. This event drew a different zoo crowd than usual and I spotted a few really nice outfits. Lots of athletic shorts and sleeveless Ts for guys and spaghetti strap tanks for the ladies. What can I say? I live in a classy town.

Found Me an App

Over a month ago, I broke my ipad. It had become my best friend. I was carrying it around with me, taking videos and pictures with it, watching my favorite shows on it and using it instead of a computer. Then, we were visiting my in-laws in Arizona and it fell to me to pack up my things along with all items belonging and pertaining to my two lovely girlies. As I packed, I thought about the injustice of the situation. Why was I having to pack the girls things? Why didn’t we split this job and each take a child? I was walking between the big house and the guest house where we were staying (they have themselves a big old place out there in the desert) and when I walked into the kitchen with a big pile of stuff in my arms the ipad slipped out and landed facedown on the kitchen floor. I nearly cried. In fact, I think I did cry. I felt terrible for letting it happen, I didn’t even know that the ipad was in the pile, and I was feeling overwhelmed knowing that I was going to have to leave Arizona and my wonderful extended family once again.

But then, we fixed it. We dropped it off at a place and paid a bunch of money for them to put new glass into the ipad and I just got my friend back a few days ago. I love my ipad so much. Really. And because I love it so much, I wanted to type on it as well as use it for social media sites – so I found a WordPress app and here we go. I am overly stoked to get typing again. I love writing. I love my ipad. I love apps. I’m a happy lady.