Found Me an App

Over a month ago, I broke my ipad. It had become my best friend. I was carrying it around with me, taking videos and pictures with it, watching my favorite shows on it and using it instead of a computer. Then, we were visiting my in-laws in Arizona and it fell to me to pack up my things along with all items belonging and pertaining to my two lovely girlies. As I packed, I thought about the injustice of the situation. Why was I having to pack the girls things? Why didn’t we split this job and each take a child? I was walking between the big house and the guest house where we were staying (they have themselves a big old place out there in the desert) and when I walked into the kitchen with a big pile of stuff in my arms the ipad slipped out and landed facedown on the kitchen floor. I nearly cried. In fact, I think I did cry. I felt terrible for letting it happen, I didn’t even know that the ipad was in the pile, and I was feeling overwhelmed knowing that I was going to have to leave Arizona and my wonderful extended family once again.

But then, we fixed it. We dropped it off at a place and paid a bunch of money for them to put new glass into the ipad and I just got my friend back a few days ago. I love my ipad so much. Really. And because I love it so much, I wanted to type on it as well as use it for social media sites – so I found a WordPress app and here we go. I am overly stoked to get typing again. I love writing. I love my ipad. I love apps. I’m a happy lady.


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