Today we used our zoo pass for the first time. It was spectacular. My 1.5 year old stood right up next to the glass at pretty much every exhibit and squealed and stomped her feet as different large cats strolled by. My 3 year old sat in the double stroller eating honey roasted peanuts and glancing up every once in a while, a bit more subdued about the entire experience, but still happy about it. I enjoyed the people watching nearly as much as checking out the animals. It was a special day at our zoo where different restaurants come and set up booths so everyone can enjoy a nosh while strolling. This event drew a different zoo crowd than usual and I spotted a few really nice outfits. Lots of athletic shorts and sleeveless Ts for guys and spaghetti strap tanks for the ladies. What can I say? I live in a classy town.


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